Transaction Advisory

Are you thinking about or looking to sell your business? Or perhaps looking to acquire a business? The process is exhaustive and at times very frustrating. Evoco Partners has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions with a wide network of contacts. Whether it be on the sell side or buy side, we leverage our expertise to help our clients efficiently navigate the process to execution. 

Selling or acquiring a business is one of the most critical and difficult decisions you will make. Let the knowledge and experience of Evoco Partners help guide you through this process.

Buy Side – We assist clients in acquiring assets or operating companies.  Our scope of services includes:

• Market review
• Prospective target search
• Business valuation, including cost and revenue synergies
• Formulation of offer
• Assist with due diligence
• Review and assist in negotiation of definitive agreements

Sell Side – We help clients sell their assets and operating companies.  Our scope of services includes:

• Business valuation
• Preliminary due diligence
• Preparation of marketing documents
• Prospective buyer search
• Creation of electronic data room
• Review and negotiate LOI
• Manage the due diligence process
• Review and assist in negotiation of definitive agreements


Before we enter the full sale process, we help our clients understand the range of value they might expect in the marketplace. This process sets expectations and helps you understand your options before entering the full sale process.

Preliminary Due Diligence

This process allows Evoco to set the stage for the sale process. We look to identify any potential issues that may slow the process down and help you work through them. In addition, we look to identify value enhancements to your business.

Preparation of Marketing Documents

Here is where we tell your story to prospective buyers. As part of the sale process, we develop an extensive information memorandum whereby we walk prospective buyers through the history of the company, from the founding to today, highlighting themes that matter most to the market.

Prospective Buyer Search

We work closely with you in building the potential buyer list, aligning with your needs and wants. Whether it be strategic or private equity buyers, we can utilize our network of contacts to identify the best path to proceed based upon your requirements.

Creation of Electronic Data Room

Creating and managing an efficient data room whereby prospective buyers can access information effectively is crucial to ensure the process runs efficiently. Mismanaged or inefficient data rooms frustrate prospective buyers and significantly impact the timing of getting the transaction completed. Evoco’s depth of knowledge makes sure this process is efficient and effective to minimize any potential impacts to the process.

Structure of Transaction

Whether you choose an asset transaction, stock transaction, all cash, or partial stock, structuring the transaction to meet your needs and maximizing value for you is critical. Evoco will work with your legal and tax experts to help determine the best structure to meet your needs.

Manage the due diligence process

The due diligence process is the most exhaustive and intensive part of the whole process. This is where the rubber meets the road. Given our extensive experience, we know this process inside and out. Our focus is to seamlessly handle this process so that you can focus on running the day-to-day operations of your business.

Review and assist in negotiation of definitive agreements

Given our extensive experience, we help make a complex process manageable. The negotiation of the purchase price is just the start. Critical terms and conditions in the definitive agreement determines how the final deal is structured. Evoco will work closely with your legal counsel to ensure a smooth process to finalize and close the transaction.

Every step of the way,
we are passionate about financial stewardship and service.

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